How to get tested for COVID

We are getting a lot of questions about how to get tested for Covid-19. There are three main ways to get tested:


1. Attend a Minnesota Department of Health community testing event. Appointments are recommended. Anyone can get tested, regardless of symptoms. Note: There are upcoming dates at Aldrich Arena in Maplewood!


2. Use the Minnesota Department of Health testing look-up to find a testing location (I suggested to filter it by your county not just your city).


Here are  a few of the testing sites that you can schedule online and are free:

3. You can call your primary care doctor. Sometimes office visits will be charged even though the covid-19 test will be free. If you have any concerns that the symptoms your child has are related to an existing medical problem, or your child is sick and it doesn't fit with Covid-19 symptoms, you should be consulting the primary care doctor first. 


Important Tips:

  • All family members need to stay home from school and work while you wait for the test results
  • When searching for a Covid-19 test site you may need to search additional days and be willing to drive to a nearby city to get a test sooner
  • If your student receives a positive result, report it right away to the school using the Covid-19 positive test reporting form that can be found on the Back to School 2020 & Covid-19 Information page on the district website. A shortcut to the reporting form:

Thank you and as always, please reach out to the school health office if you have any questions!

Cathy Foster, RN, PHN, LSN

Matoska:                M/T           651 653-2755

Normandy Park:     W/TH/F    651 653-3103