Welcome to Matoska International
an IB World School

Offering a high quality curriculum within the framework of the International Baccalaureate Organization. We are a community of lifelong learners committed to the academic and social development of each child enrolled in our school.

Matoska International is an IB World School for students in grades K thru 5 grounded in inquiry; providing both a world wide perspective and a strong connection to the local communities in which they live.

  • Our educational approach focuses on the whole child, nurturing the intellectual, emotional, and social development of each child. We recognize and value the unique abilities of every child.
  • Our teachers are committed to maximizing the academic success of each student through researched based, innovative and reflective instructional practices.
  • Our families and community are a crucial component to student success; we offer many opportunities for family and community involvement in the education of our students.

As an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School, we are aligned with the IB organizations's mission, IB Learner Profile, and the Minnesota state standards.

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Matoska International

Our Mission

The mission of Matoska International, an International Baccalaureate World School community of globally minded life long learners who are compassionate citizens, is to ensure the needs of individual students are met and foster their learning pathways to achieve their maximum potential through a vital system distinguished by:

  • recognition, validation and deeper understanding of each child’s cultural and personal identities
  • a commitment to establish and nurture strong relationships 
  • providing a safe, supportive environment through equitable practices
  • developmentally appropriate teaching and learning, using research based strategies
  • encouraging student and staff agency through meaningful interactions